Hand-made manufacturing of metals

Since 2007, ROGOFOG creates decorative art pieces for interior design or decoration – made of brass, bronze, stainless steel, steel or copper – from a single item to a medium set.


Metal pieces processed

Processing of metal pieces from a small to a large quantity. An impeccable home-made quality.



When processing turns to art ! The response to all of your needs of unique and tailor-made pieces.



Restoration and renovation of metal objects by mechanical and chimical treatments.

Here, authenticity means something.

Authenticity means top-range quality of fabrication. Since 2007, our products are Made in France and we intend to keep it that way.

Authenticity is both a respect for our roots and for our history, all of that with a trustful vision of the future.

Authenticity means having and ethical relationship with our clients and our partners. Trust, closeness and reactivity are our way of working.

Authenticity, eventually, is an home-made fabrication which connects the best of the ancient with the best of the new, to create individual pieces.

Marina Rogozina
Manager of the ROGOFOG factory